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I placed the Sensor rig into a cardboard box just to get a feeling for the data.

This is two passes of the probe, so you can see the slight variance in data.

Overlaying the raw data for 180°.... this was with GIMP so its just approximate

all looks kinda good except Hmmmm.... rounded corners cannot be explained...

another scan with DVD's :-

I am also looking to use this sensor, so I wonder what causes the rounded corner. From what I remember it has a limited resolution when things are close by, it might be caused by that.

How fast does this turn?
What happens if you turn slower (if possible at all)?


--- Quote from: MEgg on November 12, 2018, 01:01:49 PM ---What happens if you turn slower (if possible at all)?

--- End quote ---
I have experimented and there is no difference by slowing it down. (My mind is boggling how it can measure the time it takes for light to travel 5cm)
From the specs the measurement acquisition time is around 40ms ... my current scan rate for 360° is 3 seconds.


--- Quote from: maelh on November 11, 2018, 05:25:15 AM ---so I wonder what causes the rounded corner.

--- End quote ---
The sensors is darn amazing if you ask me.... there are many hidden register codes which allow you to tune it to your way of using it..
At the moment I am still none the wiser with regards to the rounding.
one guess is that it is picking up reflections (after all it is a IR laser) so a lot of scattering of light is possible, it has good resistance to ambient light (compared to the Sharp sensors (anyone still use them?)).
Another guess is the the laser is TXed in a looooong cone shape and also the received detector receives as a cone. (this does not help I am speculating with my first guess above).


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