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Warco WM14 milling machine
« on: April 28, 2019, 09:41:40 AM »

        Those of you that knows me will know, I've been wanting to get into machining metal for some time and the decision of either a mill or a lathe. What a choice on a limited budget but after reading/watching many reviews and projects on the WWW, After watching this, It was decided.

    There no unboxing pic or video this time purely because when the crate landed on the front door it was a battle of wills to get the thing into the house, never mind upstairs into the cave, but between three of us we managed. one step at a time! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the weight of this little milling machine 
         So whats in the crate well the mill, a operations manual about the machines working and cleaning with few expanded diagrams and an extensive parts list a metal tool box with just about every tool you need apart from a mallet for the draw bar ejection and a drill chuck. 



Drill chuck capacity                              13 mm
Maximum end mill capacity   16mm (with collet chuck)
Table size                                            500 x 120 mm
No. of tee slots                                    3
Longitudinal traverse                            330 mm
Cross traverse                                     160 mm
Vertical traverse                                   210 mm
Distance spindle to table                       280 mm
Throat                                                 170 mm
Spindle taper                                       2 MT
Spindle stroke                                      50 mm
Number of speeds                                 Variable
Speed range                                         50-2250 rpm
Head tilt left and right                           90º - 0 - 90º
Motor                                                   500 w
Power supply                                        240 v
Dimensions W x D x H                           600 x 460 x 800 mm
(Measurements taken to end of handle grips,
with head at maximum elevation)                
Weight                                                 60 kg
Price                                                  £875.00 Inc. VAT

           Starting from the bottom the table got a smooth action straight out the box on both axis " even with a weighty 5.7 kg vice on it, the machine never knew it " comfortably travel to 180 mm from the center towards the handle and a little more  to the other end.


           Those metal axis handwheel " silver looking things" was/are a another appeal for me choosing this mill, seems there about .03 backlash before they engage the lead screw. "good youtube vid  on the subject of backlash

          Those black looking handles are the table locks there two for each axis and one quill lock for the spindle  and about the only thing that I adjusted so far! after a day and 2 hours, was the first thing I trashed  :o ... while getting a feeling for the handles and motions noticed I had/felt a little resistance in the table in the forward backwards direction (Y Axis).
     " RESISTANCE was futile !"  I kept turning that cross feed handwheel "handle at the front",  then looked down and noticed I snagged the left table lock on the front of the mill , also when I realized the those handles are metal and not plastic...  didn't help tho I bent both screws in the handle to make it useless.#   
        Made a quick call to warco looking for a part number to order and a very helpful chap on the other end of a phone call said he post one out no quibbling, no charge and  next day handle was at the door. knew then what kind of service I brought into. " or they expected the noobs  to trash that piece first  ;)   


             While inspecting the mill when I noticed it wasn't as clean cut! as one would have thought and the scale being loose under that rough looking edge of the table, when I got the gut feeling this machine took a knock in construction  but it doesn't appear to effect the table performance in any way. so carry on. A quick call to Warco they sent some glue to stick the scale down problem solved once and for all  :)
    The down feed handle and fine adjustment half the appeal to me was/is the down feed handles!! turns out I barely use them in milling,  after accounting for work height am using the fine Down feed knob on the front of the head casing, nice feature of this mill is the digital spindle depth ruler.. +1 for that


     Before engaging the fine feed you need to tighten the knob on the down feed handle which has an almost effortless feel to it very nice smooth action, the spindle depth ruler lcd is not illuminated and depending  on external lighting can be a little eye straining to see, still nice to have.. thou I would have like to see that angled upwards to the operators eyesight.   

     All the knobs have graduated dials and are crisp and clean to see "
"the graduated dials can be indexed or Zeroed to help make accurate and convenient movement" snatched from the manual...   


   Its possible to tilt the mill head  90' either left or right  for angle drilling or horizontal slotting you can see the two nuts at the rear of the mill head in the pic below.. although the manual warns against this method opting for a tilting vice!!! purely because it says  " kind off hints at  >:D" its a ball ache re aligning the head without the use another piece of equipment. "spindle align dial gauge " 


                The controller box is what it is, a box which holds the tronics, its mounted on an arm away from the mill head and can swivel. Me thinks its what gives this mill an industrial feel/look to it, the LCD speed display is easy visible from most angles, never had to use that emergency button on top thou it does work as does the opening the shield guard protector when the machine in motion will shut down the machine.
            The drawbar  which holds/pulls the arbor upwards into the spindle, there a whole page in the manual for ejecting the Arbor... loosen grip and smack it! not having a rubber or wooden mallet wished I had three hands for this, gave me a little dread removing the arbor that came with mill for the first time. The mill comes with 3/8 and a m10 drawbar in the tool box, with the 3/8 installed on arrival for the 3 jar drill chuck I opted for an er25 collet set.
         IMPORTANT : to be sure which bar you screwing the arbor onto as removing later gonna be a ball ache.:P so I read   
                  Motor casing held in place with 4 bolts,, you can feel the heat of the motor after a 20 min run, seen a mod on www for a fan mounting." that involves a big hole thou" personal I go for 30 min run time and allow the motor to cool. in the manual it mention the motor 2.7A  though on the motor itself its only 2.

           The biggest knob of the machine,,, is the high/low gear change not really had a chance to change it much but its as easy as thinking of it just drop the speed to the lowest it can go then select gear ratio thats its! its possibly to select ratio while the machine turned off,  by turning the spindle by hand and turning the knob.

            Now if there was one thing I could change with the whole machine it would be the head elevating handwheel, its as smooth as any other axis its just awkward to get at tucked behind the motor casing, other warco mills had that on the side of the column like its big brother wm16.   

         The machine has a few rough spot "all cosmetic around" the edges, though it is a solid lump of cast metal and never had to adjust the gibs or align the axis. "just play out of the box".  using the mill is a joy tested a few cutters which cuts through aluminum like soft butter, "there a little chattering with too deep of cut" the table motion and all axis so smooth its easy to over cut the mark  >:D 
       One noticeable thing of noteworthy with the mill its actually quieter than the drill press I have, even taking small cuts, that was nice surprise.  Spent an hour running the mill in 30 min or so in hi and low gear, metal gears sound just fine, having the metal gears was another reason for choosing this mill.  Just need to learn how to mill now...


            Accessories almost as expensive as the machine itself!! first thing I grabbed was a clamp set, marking out and inspection table" flattest surface in the house, 4"a vice, mill ends, er25 collect set, set of twenty end mills &slot drill set, a Precision Dial Test Indicator to set the vice up straight. A few other items like a face mill and extra set of end mill Tungsten Carbide 4 Flute HSS End Milling Cutter  " practice of some wood", Precision mechanist Parallels while waiting on the slow boat napped a set of Roebuck Parallel Blocks in the auctions


     final position had to raise the mill 950 mm to make it comfortable to work with, not the prettiest milling table/bench but it does the job  thou it still needs to be bolted to the  wall for extra rigidity.
links :
 early review

 align a vice with Frank....

project : air engine "  thanks Oss for pointing this one out

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