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Title: Warco HV-4" Rotary Table
Post by: jinx on April 29, 2019, 06:16:01 PM

        Warning : the following information presented in this posting is a smash and grab of the WWW sources taken from Soba based in India produced by shobha industries pvt ltd panjiva and TAIWAN based VERTEX MACHINERY WORKS CO. both produce HV # series of rotary tables

                     The specs:                                                           what Warco has to say:
                                                                              -Quality precision tilting rotary table in 4" size.
       Table diameter     100 mm                                 -Supplied with dividing plate set.
       Base diameter      175 x 45 mm                         -Tilt calibrated 0-90°
       Tee slot width       11 mm                                  -Positive stops to locate horizontal / vertical positions.
       Height horizontal  120 mm                                 -Disengage able handwheel for free table rotation.
       Center height in                                                -Lubrication points to worm and table rotation.
       vertical position    80 mm                                  -Alloy steel worm.
       Center bore          2MT                                      -Cast iron gear.
       Worm gear ratio   1:90                                      -Micro collar graduated in steps of 1 min.
       Weight                12.5 kg                                  -One rotation of the handwheel rotates the table 40°
       Gotta say still  being a complete novice those specs and what "Warco says" don't mean a whole lot to me right now, but I thought I'll add them in. At £155.00 while sweating blood made the decision to get the tilting table over the standard model as it was discounted with only a £20 difference compared to the standard model, although it has the newer 4 slit table.  Something I noticed with pricing in model engineering with tools,bits and whats not, no matter where you getting it from ebay or other stores there little saving to have unless you a winner with the auctions!. It does seem Warco offers the best/fair pricing for the brits once you factored tax and postage Warco beats most.
   Rotary Table "RT"has been specially designed for high precision work which allows its operator to mill or drill any components at exact intervals around a fixed axis. It is widely used for circular cutting work in conjunction with a milling machine. Additional indexing plates can be fitted to allow  the rotary table to be used as a Dividing head.The rotary table can be used in both the horizontal or vertical plane with the aid of adjustable tail stock for added support. 
                                                                    snatched right out of the warco RT manual


the arrival: Two days after ordering a box inside a box  wrapped in polystyrene.


   Everything comes bagged up individually the index disks, table handle, crank handle and selector... watched an unboxing video on youtube and the guy said the packing grease that covers everything stinks, I sniggered! well it's true, a damn smelly truth that one every bit will need cleaning.   

           First impressions it's heavy and bigger than what I thought it be, no tools are supplied but if you brought a mill from Warco you have all the Allen keys in your tool box the only other thing I needed was a spanner to attach the handle and adjust the default angle stop, and a philips for attaching the index plates, the base casting is nicely finished "kind of half expected a rail yard lump of iron".   




         That brown marking next to the table vernier aint rust its the packing grease! everywhere needs a good clean up me thinks..



       Vertex mention the base of these table being Meehanite cast iron " method of producing cast iron" the finish took me by surprise when you mention cast iron just wasn't what I was expecting the machined sides so smooth almost see a reflection..

 calibrating the default vertical and horizontal levels as easy as adjust three bolts and locking the nuts up against the base...


        There are two small threaded holes "see the pencil sticking up" in the base far too small for any bolting to the table, where I would need to either drill them out or use some clamps to hold the rotary table to the mill table. whats different than other models I've seen there no bolt hole/U groove mounting in either the table or base thou there are well cut groove slots which appears to me to be designed to be clamped on the mill rather than bolted down.


      On the mill this table looks massive for wm 14 thinking if i needed some extra hight I just remove the tilting base from the table although I need to check the handle clearance.
           Clamping  ,just So happens that I brought the small clamping set "Item No:  9147" along with my mill and the T nuts  are quite a good fit for the table slots got a length of M8 threaded rod I can cut up if and when needed for clamping work to the table.

index setup:
              dividing plate set below where the voodoo & math come into play when cutting gears and precision hole spacing. these separately can set you back close to £50...
       "Dividing plates allow you to precisely divide a circle into a number of divisions or degrees. The indexing feature, which is basically an operation of dividing a periphery of cylindrical work piece into equal number of divisions by the help of a hand crank and index plate. a manual indexing head includes a hand crank called a  crank handle . Rotating the hand crank uses the a worm gear drive to provide a precise control of the rotation of the work. The work may be rotated and then locked into place before the cutter is applied,or it may be rotated during cutting depending on the type of machining being done."
                                                           snatched from the manual

          gotta admit the manual left me a little head scratching as too how to install the index disc!, but its fairly simple 5 steps,
        step 1 select your disc, kit comes with 3 bolts to attach to the vernier collar.
        step 2 slip on the sector arms "spare you counting holes".
        step 3 slip the horse shoe shape clip " slides into a groove on the worm shaft".
        step 4 insert the small screw and washer into the sector arm.
        step 5 attach the crank handle.
        then grab a brew the complete setup takes less than a minute

 autopsy of a table:
         just wanted too see inside! I dont know what that black coating is, its applied liberally over the casing nice in some areas rough in other areas, think one day I'll sand it smooth " done some test areas look ok  goes from rough gloss to smooth mat which i can live with". the whole innards covered with loads of oil and grease.

              avoid using cotton cloths!! to clean the table that  graduated  scale around the table snags every fiber.

               worm shaft and eccentric housing


    Worm is hardened and ground. The ratio is 90:1. The work table is graduated full 360° so that one turn of the handle moves the table through 4°. Micro collar is graduated in steps of 1'min. And vernier scale makes settings down to 10 seconds possible.

               bottom table clamp plate.

          first test, no way to align th etable to the spindle yet so just playin around for now!!.

the accessories wish list:
              There no extra in the box and few useful items to look out for some  Tnuts and clamps, a rather nice looking 4 jaw chuck an adjustable tail stock " just ensure it can reach the 80 mm center height of a tilting HV4" and dont forget the spanner for attaching the handle.   

    the best source of info/getting started with this table on the WWW. (

 buy one: (

soba manual: (

 vertex tear down: this guy does an excellent vid tearing it down and explaining the parts but he also does
 couple of improvement vids,,, he goes the whole nine yards and a mile! must watch if you interested in RT (
little machine shop insight into dividing plates: (

Meehanite cast iron: still probably as brittle as liquid nitrogen Poo,, so dont go dropping it jinx!.. note to self. (

dividing plates: (

division calc: (

using an RT: Harold  Hall well worth a read.. (
Title: Re: Warco HV-4" Rotary Table
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Nice tools  :D
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nice to have around!, just saving for the gear cutters setup now, but I want a chuck make some wheels and  get out the flex filament and print some tires...