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Title: removable magnetic print surface
Post by: jinx on October 12, 2018, 03:13:37 AM
                           Description on ali as Magnetic Print Bed Tape square Print Sticker Flex Plate, in short its a removable magnetic print surface,and perhaps the best development in build plates since the introduction of thermal polymer sheets for a print surface, PLA sticks so well to this material its possible to ruin a Z axis of a hypercube  removing a print. from what I can find its seems to be an unbranded copy of easy-peelzy. 

      arrives 2 weeks after ordering sandwiched between a makeshift cardboard envelope and a plastic bag.


          Installation is really easy you be done in 5 minutes, I ordered the 214*214 which completely covers the heat bed so with scissor cut of the corners for the spring/bolt head,I use M3 dome heads which never extrude above the new print surface. (no risk of catching a bolt with the nozzle!)  Next pull off the 3M backing tape of part B and gently roll the magnetic tape across the HB. (it take some effort to put a kink in it!) Then trim of the excess and you done, I used a scalpel for a clean cut. Now take the top print surface place that on the bed  "line it up with the rear and trim the sides the front should have a small overlap leave this as is, it helps removing prints later on.


overall: Price wise just can't grumble little over £13 including postage, its about the best thermal sheet option out there (you can spend that on a static build surface and fight with the little shit getting the print off!).
       Its great so far after four months of testing, never had a print fail with lifting or curling..  printing with PLA with a bed temperature of 50C been as low 40C with short prints (under an hour). you get the bed level you can achieve a near smooth metallic finish look for the first layer, and once the print finish just lift the plate off and slowly bend the surface the print just rolls of. 

          Though the surface want stay a matt black for long each print leaves it's ghostly impression on the surface.

something to keep in mind though they are producing higher temp surfaces for ABS theses days.
        Warning: Do not expose Easy-Peelzy to heat over 80 °C or 176 °F, or your Easy-Peelzy risk demagnetizing! Due to the magnetic nature of Easy-Peelzy, magnetic printer bed leveling sensors might not work with it.

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buy one!: where I got one from (
Title: Re: removable magnetic print surface
Post by: Gareth on November 09, 2018, 10:53:45 AM
Thanks for explaining the ins and outs of the magnetic levitation beds, I have placed an order via Banggood (ali-ex don't except paypal)