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Title: Tricopter Adventure !
Post by: Dip on October 31, 2015, 11:28:24 AM
Hello there, this is Dipanjan. Been trying to be airborne for a while, so finally bought all the basic stuffs to get started, I started with a plane, but failed at the first attempt, however at the second attempt I was able to fly.
There is nothing more interesting is this world than Copters and 3D printers, right? So I decided to build a Tricopter (as I wanted to get a long flight time). I had initially bought 3 X Emax MT 2213 motors, a Radio, and a 3S 3Ah Turnigy lipo. Then it came to the flight controller ,and I decided to make a multiwii for myself, initial tests were very positive and I decided to give it a go.
So today I went to the ground for testing out my tricopter. Charged the battery, connected it, and YES, IT FLIES !!!!

Now as I landed it,a  little boy came running and said "propeller ure gelo to"(The propeller has flown off). To my surprise I found him to be correct, then the hunt for propeller began, we went through bushes to find the propeller in perfect condition. So far so good,but where has the propeller adapter gone? It was nowhere to be found, and I thought I would fix it using some other nuts. So,went to a cycle repairing shop, then to my second surprise I found that the one I have lost is the CCW one, that's not easy to find. Cool enoguh, isn't it? OK,so I came back home,had to discharge the lipo to storage voltage ~3.8V per cell, so turned the rest motors on, and as the battery voltage came below 3.82V, I took the lipo out of the fibreglass pouch it stays in.
HERE comes the most surprising thing,
to my surprise I found the lipo bent  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??? ??? ??? ???
it wasn't warm ,the motors had ran perefectly in my hands, but the lipo was bent. The shrinkwrap got shrinked in some places. I was too afraid that it might catch fire,and put the lipo inside a steel tiffin box with four small holes in the top of the box (Steel has higher melting point than Lipo fire). A friend of mine said that the loose propeller might have hit the lipo, causing the bend.

So here are the two questions I want to ask-
1. Where to find a replacement Nut? I believe it is a M6 nut ,but anti-clockwise threaded
2. Is it safe to use the lipo? I am going to watch it for 2 weeks,if it still holds the charge,then shall I use it?

last but not the least- am I the only one so unfortunate today?