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Author Topic: MKS Sbase  (Read 2745 times)


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MKS Sbase
« on: November 20, 2017, 03:53:21 PM »

1. Using 32bit 100M Cortex-M3 MCU-LPC 1768, and improve its performance highly.
2. Support highly modular open source firmware , easy for secondary development.
3. Support network function, then  proceed remote control via IE Explorer.
4. Using DRV8825 stepper driver which supports 32-microstep and with excellent cooling.
5. Currents of the stepper motor can be set directly, which can avoid the damage .
6. Using high quality FR-4 4 layers PCB and special design for cooling.
7. Using professional power chip, support 12V-24V DC input.
8. Good to work with LCD12864 and MKS TFT touch screenst.
      Don't mean a whole lot too me right now,just I've heard it takes smoothie!  >:D

 The unwrap :
    Makerbase charge for postage but I gotta hand it to them all there products have been well packaged for a world tour and arrives two weeks to the Wednesday!  in a sturdy box.

              see that little gold bar top right pic that the infamous crystal

         the board itself appears well made and clean from rouge solder blobs, A single power input 12-24V, don't know which chip it is they using but it works just fine on the gen l. Common for Mks boards these days next to the bed out. The onboard brain of this board is the LPC1768 a Cortex-M3 microcontroller "32 BIT" slightly faster than arduino due but slower than the higher end boards such as the smoothie or Duet with an ARM Cortex-M4.
        Onboard DRV8825 drivers, NO pots too adjust, the current is set by firmware, "really nice feature of 32 bit boards and smoothieware when it came to calibrating the steppers. A jumper select for either 16 or 32 steps. with the typical 4 pin headers by the drivers for an external breakout board.

   working through the Sbase pinout  you begin to notice the assignments matches the smoothie board  in the config file. "Offers a little continuity for the enduser and makes it rather easy to select the right sample file to work with in firmware.
      " This board has gone though several changes since its release most with changes around the ethernet port and poor copper traces and a dodgy crystal! with 1.0 and 1.2, which is now reported resolved with the 1.3.  "buyer beware  those 1.0 and 1.2 boards still on sale."


   absolutely vexing that pinout  nowhere is a spare 12V for a proxi sensor  :'(   


           All Hail The CAPS! Those are two towering capacitors next to the Vin  over shadowing the SMDs components.  am still wondering with so many small SMD  is it wise to mount on the side of a printer, typical mks standards with connections with all the wire on the boards edging, lends itself for a 80 mm couple of 40 mm case fans.


      hooking up went straightforward "knew where those leads where going too".  Almost had a RAMPS feel to it and more so when it came to the fans, the hotend fan connected to the HE1 output and the print fan connected to the fan output.

            Getting started with smoothie was a  truly a smooth! experience, am almost a week in with smoothie still not seen the actual main code. I downloaded the stable version of github  along with whole file on github, inside the smoothieware edge folder is the sample config from there I selected the smoothie board which is need to set the printer and its the only file I needed to make changes to once that done add the build .bin and config to SD card and power up board, which booted up and responded to commands.
            I am liking the concept of writing modules, Hats of too the team for making some excellent guides to create and tweak the modules. tweaking smoothie was a breeze " if you familiar with marlin you understand  smoothie approach and values, if not read those guides few hours of rereading, I had my second fan working.

Code: [Select]
# Switch module for fan control                            true             # Enable this module                  M106             # Command that will turn this switch on                 M107             # Command that will turn this switch off                        2.4              # Pin this module controls                       pwm              # PWM output settable with S parameter in the input_on_comand                          255              # Set max pwm for the pin default is 255

switch.fan2.enable                          true             # Enable this module
switch.fan2.input_on_command                M42              # Command that will turn this switch on
switch.fan2.input_off_command               M43              # Command that will turn this switch off
switch.fan2.output_pin                      2.6              # Pin this module controls
switch.fan2.output_type                     digital          # Digital means this is just an on or off pin

## Temperatureswitch
# See
# Automatically toggle a switch at a specified temperature. Different ones of these may be defined to monitor different temperatures and switch different swithxes
# Useful to turn on a fan or water pump to cool the hotend
temperatureswitch.hotend.enable              true            #
temperatureswitch.hotend.designator          T               # first character of the temperature control designator to use as the temperature sensor to monitor
temperatureswitch.hotend.switch              fan2            # select which switch to use, matches the name of the defined switch
temperatureswitch.hotend.threshold_temp      40.0            # temperature to turn on (if rising) or off the switch
temperatureswitch.hotend.heatup_poll           10              # poll heatup at 15 sec intervals
temperatureswitch.hotend.cooldown_poll       60              # poll cooldown at 60 sec intervals


           with the endstops only had to make slight change to smoothie firmware here to invert them "!"
Code: [Select]
alpha_min_endstop                            1.24^!            # add a ! to invert if endstop is NO connected to
    3 pin headers for endstops typical for the mks boards, " personally a 12v line  with a V/D circuit for a proxi sensor with 8 mm clearance be nice  with just 3 endstops". The mechanical switches worked " red breakout boards" without problem with default board setting. A two pin header to set the voltage on the endstop 3.3 - 5V, some report suggest that the 5V line is 4.85V. Opti endstops needs some additional checking in firmware a possible solution " not checked" for using optical endstop:
Hi, i have found a solution to the optical endstop on MKS,
In the declaration of "gamma_min_endstop" the correct value is : gamma_min_endstop 1.28v
The "v" argument is for activate the pull down.
        thanks pierrelesek of reprap forums

     Just behind the endstops are a couple of familiar headers for an reprap full graphics lcd controller    Also the single header for which i got the 3.2 tft attached.


 WARNING: its been read that those full graphics reprap discount clones" the ones with the reversed headers" can kill the Sbase!!!.


      read a few posting around the web of folks killing smoothie boards with this flaw and there a high probability those auction $5 offering suffer this, but if in doubt grab the multi-meter and do a continuity test on the pins of the lcd.


                  not a complete disappointment  and am surprised the drone ship printed at all, few changes made to firmware at this point, the filament change boarders trivial and TFT quicker and smoother feel to navigate than the lcd with a encoders! 

Makerbase githube for Sbase:

 reprap discussion on the Sbase:,499322,page=1 mixed bag of things!

troubleshooting with TFT28 V1.2:,675788,677732#msg-677732
screen images:

about the best guide I come across setting up Mks Sbase:

Smoothieware Switch module for automatic fan control:

External Driver on Smoothieware Sbase 1.2:


 MCU Chips :

corexy config: motors and endstops

sbase 1.2 SCH :

Titan extruder:[/list]
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