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Author Topic: Kitronik :MOVE mini buggy kit  (Read 1118 times)


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Kitronik :MOVE mini buggy kit
« on: September 14, 2017, 08:12:20 PM »

The :MOVE mini kit by Kitronik is a simple little robot kit for the BBC Micro:bit.
The kit aims to provide a 'fun introduction to the world of robotics'. My son has recently started to show an interest in the collection of robotics projects I have and has started to enjoy driving them around and interact with them, especially the ones with android tablet apps. At four years old he is a lot younger than a lot of robotics kits cater for, so I was keen to try some other options out there.
Having being introduced to the Kitronik site by a friend on G+ I soon spotted the :MOVE kit and enquired to find out when it would be available for purchase. After a quick exchange of emails Rob at Kitronik kindly offered to send me a kit for me to try out in exchange of an honest review and some feedback on the product. Cheers Rob!!

Kit Contents

The kit came well packaged, and delivery was really quick.
The kit contained:
  • 1 x Set of chassis parts
  • 2 x Micro 360 degree continuous rotation Servos with accessories
  • 1 x Servo:Lite board
  • M3 screws for attaching Servo:Lite board to the micro:bit
  • M2 screws and hex nuts for kit assembly
  • 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Instruction manual

On first look I was really impressed; the kit was compact and
The inclusion of the batteries was a great touch, however it would also have been nice to have included a screwdriver and hex tool to fully complete the kit. I have plenty in my toolbox but being aimed towards beginners it would definitely add a finishing touch to an otherwise all-inclusive kit.


Assembly was a lot of fun!
I was blown away with the quality of the guide that came with the kit for assembly. The instructions were detailed and well illustrated, making it easy to follow along.
There has clearly been a lot of thought go into the design of the product, and the shape and look of the robot are great!
Bolting the servo:lite board to the micro:bit was easy using the provided m3 screws. The m2 bolts used to assemble the kit were a bit fiddly due to their diminutive size but i can completely understand the decision to use them to keep the robot size small. using the servo horns in the wheel design made for easy mounting, which was another great touch.


Having not really used my micro:bit much at all before getting my hands on this kit i was a bit sceptical on how easy this would be to load code onto but christ, it's easy! The manual and also the Kitronik website and GitHub give plenty of guidance and provide plenty or resources for anyone to get stuck in. My son and I used the 'scratch' like web-based editor to drag and drop blocks to make our test code. The outputted Hex file and the ability to drag and drop it onto the micro:bit was such a simple process. It'll allow kids to tweak their code subtly and immediately test it without having the whole rigmarole of time consuming compile/upload process.


My overall impression of this kit is nothing but positive.
The amount of thought and design that has gone into this to create a solid yet simple to build kit is clear to see. There's the minor quibble over fiddly screws that probably has more to do with my fat fingers more than anything, and the lack of a tool that would really finish this kit off for a beginner, but those take absolutely nothing away from this.
Combine the hardware with the great software resources and ease of use and you are left with a brilliant bit of kit for beginners and experienced users alike.
The price point of the kit puts it in a very affordable category and is a lot cheaper than a lot of similarly designed arduino-powered kits. While there is no micro:bit included in the kit price you can pick one up cheaply and it still is a lot cheaper than those other competitors.

In the coming weeks I would like to write another review to compare this kit against the other kits i have in my collection and see how it holds up  8)

Great work Kitronik!
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